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This is the Wittenberg

Our promise to you.

We're committed to guiding you through the next four years as a full-fledged member of our active, engaged learning environment, one defined by academic excellence, high-impact practices, and a storied athletic tradition. Will it be hard? Most likely. Will we push you? Absolutely. Will you love where the journey takes you? Without a doubt. Next stop, an amazing future.
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Full year, first-year seminar

We promise to make your transition into and through college as smooth as possible.

When we say we're in this together, we mean it. As part of our commitment to you, we provide an in-depth First Year Seminar to get you acquainted with Wittenberg and to begin planning your future.

The Commitment

  • A relationship-based new first year program that extends weekly contact with your faculty advisor, staff facilitator, and peer mentor across your first two semesters.
  • The First Year Seminar connects you to resources, mentors, and opportunities that support your success in college and help you plan for the future.
  • All First Year Seminars meet at a common hour every week to allow for class-wide programming to complement small group gatherings.
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Comprehensive Advising

We promise to meet you where you are and to help you plan your best path forward.

We provide the support of a community of wisdom that will help you get everything you can from your time at Wittenberg. It's about more than just coursework; it's about intellectual inquiry and becoming a whole person.

The Commitment

  • You will have full-time faculty advisors, up to date on your academic progress and ready to help you plan a personalized path to graduation, across all four years of study.
  • All students have access to a peer mentor in their first year, and peer-to-peer advising in their intended major(s) and minor(s).
  • Wittenberg provides all students with supplemental advising and academic coaching through our Center for Student Success.
  • We offer vocational programming at every stage of your academic journey to help you discover your calling.
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Active & Engaged Learning

We promise to challenge you with new and different ways of learning.

Let's face it, experience matters. Research, internships, study abroad, collaborative learning, clinical placements, athletics, leadership development, service-learning, immersion experiences, and student-designed projects. Think beyond the classroom. Explore. Question. Expand your world.

The Commitment

  • Our academic program and our residential campus experience are designed so that all of our students participate in multiple high impact learning practices inside and outside of the classroom during their four years at Wittenberg.
  • Because of Wittenberg's size and the value we place on excellent teaching, students have rich learning experiences in their general education and introductory courses, not just in advanced courses in their majors and minors.
  • The list of out-of-class opportunities is long and gets longer each semester. Your faculty advisor and staff in key campus offices will help you evaluate your options.
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The Wittenberg Network

We promise to connect you with alumni working in your field before you graduate.

Our network is your network. We give you access to Wittenberg alumni working in your field. Benefit from their experience. Pick their brain. What classes or activities prepared them the most? What would they do over if they could? Any tips or tricks to help you stand out?

The Commitment

  • The Wittenberg Network is made up of many networks, based in academic departments, areas of professional interest, and shared campus communities.
  • The network brings together current students, faculty, alumni in graduate school, and alumni professionals who serve as a resource for you as you prepare to take to the next step in your academic and career journey, whether that is declaring a major, pursuing an internship, or interviewing for a job.
  • The network demonstrates to our entire campus community and our more than twenty-five thousand living alumni the value of maintaining an enduring passion for learning.
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